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The fox and the hound full movie free online. The adoration of jenna fox free online. Tails the fox games free online. The fox and the hound 2 full movie free online. The Fox free online games. The Fox free online slot. The Fox by D. H. Lawrence Open Preview See a Problem? Wed love your help. Let us know whats wrong with this preview of The Fox by D. Lawrence. Thanks for telling us about the problem. 1, 935 ratings 159 reviews Start your review of The Fox 724. The Fox, D. Lawrence The Fox is a novella by D. Lawrence which first appeared in The Dial in 1922. Set in Berkshire, England, during World War I, The Fox, like many of D. Lawrences other major works, deals with the psychological relationships of three protagonists in a triangle of love and hatred. Without the help of any male laborers, Nellie March and Jill Banford struggle to maintain a marginal livelihood at the Bailey Farm. A fox has raged through the poultry, and although the 724. A fox has raged through the poultry, and although the women—particularly the more masculine Nellie—have tried to shoot the intruder, he seems always to elude traps or gunshot. تاریخ نخستین خوانش: روز دوازدهم ماه نوامبر سال 2004 میلادی عنوان: روباه؛ نویسنده: دی. اچ. لارنس؛ مترجم: کاوه میرعباسی؛ تهران باغ نو 1382 در 103 ص؛ شابک: 9647425309؛ چاپ دیگر: تهران ماهی 1393 در 136 ص؛ شابک: 9789642091829؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان انگلیسی - سده 20 م عنوان: روباه و ده داستان دیگر: مترجم: محمود معلم؛ بی جا موبی دیک ؟ در 288 ص؛ چاپ دیگر: شیراز ادیب مصطفوی 1392 در 146 ص شابک: 9786006142685؛ عنوان: روباه؛ نویسنده: دی. لارنس؛ مترجم: فریده شعبانی راد؛ ساری نشر هاوژین 1393 در 120 ص؛ شابک: 9786009415434؛ رمانک «روباه» بار نخست در سال 1922 میلادی منتشر شد. فضاسازی عالی از تصویر پس از جنگ و واکاوی ژرفای درونی و ذهنی انسانها «روباه» را یکی از بهترین کارهای آن دوران و دوره ی ادبی «لارنس» کرده است. رمان باید حدود سال 1919 میلادی رخ داده باشد چرا که به «اپیدمی آنفلوآنزا» اشاره شده همچنین «روباه» به دلیل اشاره به مصیبتها و سختیهای پس از جنگ یکی از نمونه های درخشان ادبیات این ژانر است. «لارنس» در انتهای کتاب همچون یک قصه گو انگار که بخواهد نکته اخلاقی داستانش را بگوید و آن را جمع بندی کند مینویسد: «این است کل حکایت جستجو برای یافتن خوشبختی خواه آدم سعادت را برای خود بطلبد یا برای کس دیگری. همیشه تا بوده و هست عاقبت به مغاک اندوهبار نیستی بی انتها میرسد که اگر بیشتر بکوشد به اعماقش سقوط میکند - این تقدیر محتوم و گریزناپذیر همگان است». آیا حضور ناگزیر ضروری و پرجذبه مرد یا طبع مکار و منفعت خواه اوست که دوستی ساده و بی آلایش و ابدی ازلی «بنفورد» و «مارچ» را برهم میزند یا اصلاً هیچ کدام و تنها روانکاوی ناخودآگاه مرد و زن است و رقابتی که بین دو جنس همیشه هست. همه اینها در رمان «روباه» «دی. لارنس» گرد آمده تا اثری بدیع پدید آورد؛ اثری که در نگاه نخست به شدت مردسالارانه و محافظه کارانه مینماید. اثری در توضیح و تبیین و نه تفسیر و نقد دنیای زن و مرد و یا سنجشی در رابطه بین این دو. داستانی به ظاهر کلاسیک ملودرامی ساده بر پایه کلیشه های عاطفی که با نمادگرایی استادانه فراتر از همه این گزینه ها میرود و خوانشگر را مسحور لایه های عمیق خویش میکند. خرگوشها و روباه حیوانات مورد اشاره در داستان هستند. «لارنس» آنقدر خوب فضا را تشریح میکند و کاراکترها را درون آن توصیف مینماید که خوانشگر انگار روی تخت روانکاوی خوابیده و حرفهایش را به دکترش زده و حالا «لارنس» در نقش روانکاو به تبیین نه چندان واضح ناخودآگاه اوست که میپردازد. موضوع محوری «روباه» شاید بیش از هر چیز زنانه باشد یا به عبارت بهتر درباره ی زن است؛ درباره زن و هویت او و. ؛ ا. شربیانی... Aug 26, 2019 Alok Mishra rated it really liked it This novel brought many new things on the fore that the readers of that time could not calmly digest. However, the newness is still intact to an extent. Lawrence's success depends largely upon his persistence; he is adamant (vehemently) to doing what he wants. The Fox is certainly a game-changer, and it was too. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Two ladies in a farm. One a little bit attractive, the other not so. The former with imagined ample, soft, round breasts: the latter, with imagined small, hard-as-a-rock tits. "Imagined" because the male protagonist didn't say he saw them. He just imagined them. The ladies are there by themselves trying to earn a living taking care of their livestocks, mostly chickens. But they are losing chickens because of a fox who raids them when no one is looking. One time, the prettier of the two ladies had Two ladies in a farm. One time, the prettier of the two ladies had a brief, staring episode with the fox. From then on, she could no longer forget about it. Then a young, virile, ex-soldier came. He was a former resident of that house [with his grandfather who had died after he ran away. It was the first time the ladies saw him, but they took him in because he had nowhere else to go. He and the more attractive lady had a liking for each other even if at first she had likened him to the fox she could not forget [or, maybe, it was because she considered him like the fox that she had liked him. He, indeed, pounced on her like a fox would pounce upon a juicy, fresh hen. When she agreed to marry this man-fox, the uglier of the two showed her disapproval. The man-fox then got angry at her [secretly] and killed her, although he was able to make it appear that she died by accident. He was then able to marry the remaining girl and brought her to Canada. But like a fox with a chicken he caught and carries with his mouth, neither of them was really happy. The end... I like and hate D. Lawrence. On the one hand there is something enjoyable about his books, I don't quite know what that something is though. I'm trying to figure it out, but it's just not coming. Somewhere in most of his books that I've read there is something that I like (not love) about them. Not enough that I should have read six of them though. In the case of this book though, I only bought it because I've had luke-warm experiences with Lawrence, but I am a sucker for foxes. The cover is I like and hate D. The cover is really cute / beautiful. I don't know too much about D. Lawrence as a person. There is a little bio in this book, but I didn't read it. I did notice skimming through it that he was penpals with Bertrand Russell at one point, and later Russell said something like Lawrence's beliefs lead straight to Auschwitz. Something I was happy read, since I couldn't shake the feeling that there were similarities between Lawrence, and some of what I was reading about the Nazi's in The Rise of the Third Reich. Why D. Lawrence is considered a classic I'm not quite sure. He's ok. But he's also bat-shit crazy in some quasi-pagan/mystical blood and soil way that is just embarrassing. The back of this book praises his psychological insight, but his psychology, as a more erudite review than mine on this website talks about, is (my words) utter new age bullshit. I'm talking like The Secret sort of idiocy. The story is about two women who live together on a farm. One is womanly and frail, the other manly and strong. They aren't doing so well on the farm, because a) they are women who couldn't be bothered to really work the soil properly b) want to have fun. This fun is never illuminated since they never seem to leave their farm. Because they are silly women, with one being more manly and thus better than the other, their farm is failing. Even their chickens don't want to lay eggs, and besides that there is a fox who is feeding off of the chickens. The fox is getting in the way of their fun too, because instead of having fun one of them has to keep standing guard with a gun to try to stop the fox. Then comes a dude about ten years younger than them. He is a fat-faced soft-spoken layabout just out of the army. Being a man he throws the whole henparty into a tizzy, that is until he decides he wants to own the farm and to do so is going to marry the manly lady. D. Lawrence may understand love, but if he does than I have no conception of relationships between men and women. From earlier Lawrence books I've read I'm fairly certain he is gay. Which is fine. But he isn't just gay, he has some really fucked up power-things going on in his head. The Fox does nothing to disprove this theory. Once the manly woman puts on a dress (she normally dresses in manly work clothes) the shifty layabout no longer wishes to possess her as passionately, he still wants to marry her because that is what he has made up his mind to do, but he doesn't desire to make love to her. He's basically turned off by her, and only wants he to push his will on to. The manly woman irrationally finds this character attractive at times. For example when he's sweaty and red-faced and gasping for breath after a long bicycle ride: She stood aside, slack, with one knee drooped and the axe resting its head loosely on the ground. Her eyes were wide and vacant, and her upper lip lifted from her teeth in that helpless, fascinated rabbit-look. The moment she saw his red glowing face it was all over with her. She was as helpless as if she was bound. She is normally described as bright looking, or at least when the lay-about isn't around. This is sort of like proto-Nazi theorist Otto Weininger ideas of women psychology. In Lawrence's defense he does paint this dude as a total schmuck, and he's obviously not the proto-he-man that other Lawrence books put on a pedestal, but there is still something repulsive about the way he writes interactions between the sexes. Even a turd of a man can make a strong independent woman bend to his will and get all gooey when he is around. I'm not sure what exactly I did like about the book to off-set all of this. Maybe it is just the very cute picture of a fox on the cover. The cover gets five stars from me... This was on THE LIST. Hold on. let me correct that punctuation. This was on THE LIST? I'm not entirely sure what I just read. I mean, I get that the animal fox was the foreshadowed representation of the human fox. And, I get that the proverbial fox stole the proverbial hen out of the proverbial hen house. But, the story was not engaging or very interesting. To me. Thankfully, it was short. Here's the even shorter (abridged) version. SPOILERS BELOW. March: I'm the pretty one. This was on THE LIST. Here's the even shorter (abridged) version. SPOILERS BELOW. March: I'm the pretty one. Banford: And I'm the smart one. March: We live together on our jointly owned farm Banford: and share a bedroom March: but we're not lesbians Banford: we've just been March: best friends forever. Henry: Knock-Knock. March and Banford: Who's There? Henry: I'm the male fox. March: Don't come in. Banford: She's just being silly. Please, do come in. Let me make you some tea. March - go get the tea! March: Okay. Henry: So, you ladies live all alone? Banford: Not anymore, cause you're gonna live here with us, right? Henry: Awesome. Banford: Hey! I've changed my mind. Get out. Henry: But, I love March and we're getting married. Banford: Is that true, March? Henry: Say yes, March. March: Okay. Banford: Say no, March. Henry: I'm leaving, but when I come back, we're getting married. TWO MINUTES LATER. Henry: I'm back. Unexpectedly. But, let me cut down that tree for you. Henry: I think this tree will land on Banford and kill her. Banford! Move! Banford: I'm not afraid of you. tree falls on her and kills her. Henry: Told you. March: screams and cries* Henry: So, uh, now can we get married? March: Okay... Four and a half. Two women, Banford and March, are trying to independently run a small farm together and slowly failing in their efforts. The war is just over and soldiers are returning home. There have been cases of the great flu epidemic in the nearby village, so it must be set around 1919, and people are struggling with post war problems including poor food and a cold winter. They are both becoming despondent and fearful for the future. A fox keeps stealing their chickens and they decide it Four and a half. A fox keeps stealing their chickens and they decide it must be shot. He is too clever for them! March, the stronger of the two women, begins a campaign to kill this animal and in a chance meeting with the fox she becomes fixated with him and unable to cause him harm. She feels his power dominating her spirit. A young soldier returning from the war, looking for somewhere to stay and work, arrives and is tentatively allowed to stay. He is impudent, daring and unsettling, like the fox, and he has his own plans to cause disruption. Lawrence's story is an allegory of sexuality and power. It is full of atmosphere and hidden meaning. A power struggle begins and there will be a victim. This short story was very clever and distinctive. I'm still thinking about it... Dec 14, 2008 Robert it was amazing After a certain age (perhaps 30? perhaps as early as 20. one probably shouldn't read too much of DH Lawrence's writing, or too little of it. Now and again I return to his fiction, poetry, and essays either to reread something or take on a new work. He's a unique, over-the-top, incantatory, powerful writer whose contribution to human psychology remains unverified by almost anyone else. When I say this I'm not referring to his exploitation of oedipal themes, per Freud (Sons and Lovers) but of After a certain age (perhaps 30? perhaps as early as 20. one probably shouldn't read too much of DH Lawrence's writing, or too little of it. When I say this I'm not referring to his exploitation of oedipal themes, per Freud (Sons and Lovers) but of course his notions about blood consciousness, a metaphysical conviction that he reduces to this primitive image: something in the blood that binds people together, tears them apart, gives them ecstasy in being subjugated (or the reverse) and fills their spiritual nostrils with scents of both liberation and damnation. Leaving that explicit formulation (blood consciousness) and its typical instantiation (a struggle between men and women)aside, I'm left with the peculiar intimate force of Lawrence's writing, which in small doses does achieve a kind of supplemental echo, boosting the force of the narrative and creating, for me at least, a heightened sense that ordinary life is a high stakes game. How does he do it? In rereading The Fox the other day, I commented to myself how often Lawrence repeated certain words, particularly in passages where the lead female protagonist, is striving for understanding through self-castigation. The words in these passages were, over and over again, failure. responsibility. and "reaching. either repeated exactly or slightly altered, so that "failure" might become "failing. or "reaching" might become "reach. This is very tiny stuff, but more than "style. It struck me that Lawrence was using prose to replicate "how we think" not through stream-of-consciousness, per se, but in an equally interesting, and perhaps more powerful way. March hates the way she feels she has let her friend Jill down and comes so easily under the sway of the fox-killing Henry. She doesn't simply reach a conclusion about this, however. In Lawrence's hands, she broods about it, endures it, and repeats it to herself the way one does over time (days, weeks, or months of a crisis that won't let you alone. And Lawrence achieves this mood through his gnawing, stuck repetitions, drawing you in. The paradox and the irony of The Fox as a powerful novella is that Henry gets March for himself, but in the process, he kills her, as he killed the fox, and as he also kills Jill. This is all murky and suspect, and yet, because March resigns herself to a living death at Henry's side, it has the quality of something more real than real. A splendid novel... 3. 5 It has been a very long time since I have read anything by this author. The Fox, is a novella that I happened to own. It chronicles the lifestyle of two, rather different women, at the turn of 1900's. March and Bagwell, want to live alone on a farm that primarily raises chickens. Not only is this frowned on during that time period, but these women know next to nothing about farming or chickens. Another challenge they must deal with is the war, which has made feed and other necessities 3. Another challenge they must deal with is the war, which has made feed and other necessities difficult to come by. Also surprise, surprise a fox is killing their chickens one by one. Into this mix comes a ex-soldier who sees a golden opportunity. Hence the fox in the hen house will have a dual meaning. A rather good story, suspenseful because even though it is easy to guess, given the title. A story about greed and power, still stands the test of time... Novella length story about two women living on a poultry farm and trying to make ends meet around the early 1900's. When a younger man comes to the farm it becomes a case of two's company and three's a crowd. The story revolves around a love/hate triangle. Found this ambiguous in part, atmospheric and well written. It certainly reads longer than 78 pages. This free kindle edition had a few typos but didn't detract from the story overall. From the Boxall 1000 list. Nov 17, 2007 Werebot it was ok Recommends it for: latent lesbians who enjoy being beaten over the head with a metaphor. D. Lawrence's prose is often described as 'muscular' which I think is another way of saying 'mostly bullshit. Very forgettable. Don't bother. Jul 12, 2012 Kelly I love this story. It seems people either love or hate D. Lawrence, well I am slightly obsessed with him, and this story is a good example of why. His descriptions, symbolism and metaphors are just insanely beautiful, in my opinion. I am so drawn into his work and his writing style. I love the strange way he repeats things, the way he leaves you hanging, leaving it out there, so that you can wrap your mind around it and mold it yourself. Sometimes I will read just a simple sentence or two from I love this story. Sometimes I will read just a simple sentence or two from his work and think- Wow. Yes, exactly. incredible. It amazes me he was able to spit out lauguage so profoundly beautiful... I'm not sure what to say about this story. It's on the Boxall 1001 list, but I don't understand why. It hasn't aged well, and surely it must have been seen as preposterous even when it was first published. I try to avoid talking about plot in my reviews, but here I cannot avoid it. You've been warned, spoilers ahead. I will, however, not reveal the ending. Two women who are clearly a couple decide to run a farm together. One woman is sickly and frail, but gets bankrolled by daddy so she can buy I'm not sure what to say about this story. One woman is sickly and frail, but gets bankrolled by daddy so she can buy the farm. The other woman is mannish in looks, except her pretty face, and handy with carpentry and heavy lifting. But they know nothing about farming, and because they are women they are so bad at it they can't even get the chickens to lay eggs. Also because they are women, they want to have their fun and not work so hard. Their idea of fun appears to be embroidery, imbibing tea, and staring vacantly into the distance. The women (called "girls" throughout, even though they are almost 30) also have trouble with a fox who keeps stealing the chickens. Mannish girl wants to shoot it, but when she encounters it she has what appears to be a mystical experience which leads to even more vacant staring. Now enter a young man with round boyish eyes in his ruddy round boyish face, which rests upon rounded shoulders. He's a total layabout and just wants to go shooting all the time, but he decides he would like to own the farm, and figures he should marry the mannish girl. So he whines and cajoles, and physically restrains her and begs until she says okay. She is utterly obsessed with the fox and is convinced that the boy and the fox are the same. This leads her to look and act like a deer caught in headlights and saps her of all will. She now agrees to everything and anything. Ruddy boy: Marry me, marry me marry me! Mannish girl: Okay Sickly girl (jealous) You can't marry him! You're with me! Mannish girl: Okay Ruddy boy (angry sulk) You promised! Say you'll marry me! Mannish girl: Okay And so they carry on for a while, except that mannish girl puts on a dress, which makes the boy fully realise that she is a woman and as such available to him in a way that she wasn't in trousers. This realisation somehow makes him transition from boy to man but also makes him less keen to sleep with her. Go figure. But he obsessively decides that he will marry her, because he has made up his mind to. And he won't be thwarted! So there. At this point of course the reader has quite a few questions. Who will win the battle for Vague Mannish Girl? Will Vague Mannish Girl regain her ability to actually make a decision? Will the chickens start laying eggs now that there's a man at the farm? Is the Boy really a fox? At night perhaps, like in a fairy tale? Or a sort of were-fox? Will Mannish Girl become convinced that the Boy is the Fox and shoot him in a vague fit of erotic panic? Sadly the answer to most of these questions is no. As for the rest, well, I said I wouldn't give the ending away. Go read it yourself. It only runs to around 100 pages, so it's less agonizing to get through than the other books D. Lawrence has on the 1001-list. Then again, you can just read some of the other reviews that give the ending away, and then go find another 1001-book. If you think you might not get through them all in your lifetime anyway, this one is fine to skip... The only DH Lawrence I ever read before tackling this book was "The Rocking-horse Winner" an odd little story about love that borders on the Oedipal and luck that borders on insanity. While I could write a paper about it, I'm still not sure I get it. When I tell people that they just say, That's Lawrence for you. When I started The Fox I had "The Rocking-horse Winner" in mind, however, I wasn't really ready for the whole story and plot synopses gave no indication as to what I was getting into. The only DH Lawrence I ever read before tackling this book was "The Rocking-horse Winner" an odd little story about love that borders on the Oedipal and luck that borders on insanity. When I started The Fox I had "The Rocking-horse Winner" in mind, however, I wasn't really ready for the whole story and plot synopses gave no indication as to what I was getting into. The Fox is down right sexy. I hear from those of you that know Lawrence that in his misogyny he can be pretty sexual. I read about March and Banford and thought, Well, are they? Aren't they? Will they. I was drawn to March and her battle with the fox in the hen house. And, then I was drawn to the fox, in the form of Henry, in the hen house. Every description left him more attractive than the next. Every description of March, though his eyes, makes her more beautiful and, dare I say, more feminine. The more the narrator refers to her trousers and her eyes and her neck and her boots and her legs in a dress, the more Banford shrinks and became a tiny, shriveled screw. The more the reader sees March as sexy too. Even the barren farm with its chickens and lack of cow seems inviting and sensual. And, the whole entire triangle is reminiscent of the triangle in Ethan Frome and I can't decide which character I feel more sympathy towards. Heck, I can't tell if the women are supposed to be lovers supplanted by the boy, I can't tell if things had ended differently if March would have felt differently, I can't tell if March loves the boy, I can't tell if the boy really loves March and while there isn't out and out sex, there's this neck kiss that left me a little breathless and there's this confrontation between Banford, March and Henry that was just one step shy of a full sex encounter, although no one took off their clothes and everyone was very angry. In the end I can't tell if Henry is still the fox or if March is still the strong one. I can't tell if this book is pro love, or anti-feminist. But, hey, that's Lawrence for you. I was entranced by this book and the story and Lawrence's writing style, but when it ended and I caught my breath I felt a little let-down, I'm not really sure by what... Along the tree line the fog settles in the field, hairs awake start hoping around on alert from cunning foxes, birds each chirp their own tunes. In the farm house up the slop the farmer and his wife too awake, make coffee to get ready for the chicken and cows, get food prepared for lunch and supper, lights illuminate their process through the house as they make their way out the front door to begin the day. At the porch the farmer and his wife button up their wool, lace up work boots. Max the Along the tree line the fog settles in the field, hairs awake start hoping around on alert from cunning foxes, birds each chirp their own tunes. Max the tabby cat meows to greet them at the front door steps, snakes around their ankles, drops something at the farmers feet, a dead shrew a morning present. Thanks Max the framers tells his feline friend and a smile comes across his face. Oh the small rewards and joys of hard work on a farm, he doesnt miss his former citylife at all, working a desk job high up in the sky, doesnt miss a thing about the city, certainly not the job, riding the subway, the hassle, the traffic the bright city lights, all the never ending noise, the art galleries with their smog patrons, the awful theatre crowd. Going out to eat at fancy restaurants or buying food at the grocery store, which to him seems backwards being able to have food ready in the time it takes to blink a few times, not growing your own vegetables, tending the garden, not raising chickens or cows for your own milk, eggs and meat, doesnt sit right with him any longer. Yes it would take all day for them to get lunch and dinner ready, but it was more than alright because after the sun went down, the framer and his wife would sit on the couch, her feet upon his lap, and they would sit in the wonderful quiet, how truly quiet it is on the farm, he would read to her the Fox, by D. Lawrence till it was time to turn in and start it all over again tomorrow, oh the bliss... Feb 22, 2017 Judith Rich did not like it What a load of tosh. I don't think I am ever going to like D. He had extremely odd ideas about women. Would a possibly bisexual woman be sexually attracted to a fox? Would any woman be sexually attracted to a fox? I only differentiate because a bisexual woman has more choice than a straight one of people she could be attracted to - rather than a fox, i. e. the entire population rather than just half. OK, there may be one fox fetishist out there somewhere, but seriously, as a concept What a load of tosh. OK, there may be one fox fetishist out there somewhere, but seriously, as a concept for a novella it's pretty darn weird. I also get the feeling that Lawrence simultaneously loves and loathes gay women - loves because he finds the idea of it a turn-on because he's a perve, and loathes not so much because he's homophobic but because he regards it as a personal insult that there are women who don't fancy men, i. him. The pretty bi girl gets away with it by marrying MAN, the flat-chested Lesbian doesn't and probably in Lawrence's eyes thoroughly deserves to get squished by a tree. And again - a woman who is sexually attracted to a FOX. Two girsl live together in a farm. A young man comes there and after awhile falls in love with the younger, but the elder girl is not agreed. Jul 12, 2011 Drew This short story is a great read for someone who is just getting into Lawrence. One can get a great feel for his style without having to read one of his 500 page novels. However, it is important to note that while his style stays consistent in many ways throughout his works, still they are all VERY different and if you do not like or "get" this work, but maybe find it intriguing or interesting in some way, I would highly recommend reading Women In Love, which I think is probably his greatest This short story is a great read for someone who is just getting into Lawrence. However, it is important to note that while his style stays consistent in many ways throughout his works, still they are all VERY different and if you do not like or "get" this work, but maybe find it intriguing or interesting in some way, I would highly recommend reading Women In Love, which I think is probably his greatest work. That being said this novella is just brilliant. Lawrence understands relationships, he understands the way we thing and the way we communicate with one another, and he understands this on multiple levels. The way he describes Henry's desire to control March. a partially unconscious desire, one which takes over him and is outside of his rational mind. And then March who wants desperately to give in, to "sleep" in the comfort of love, but is afraid to give up her individuality which she has worked so hard to preserve all these years during the to a time when women were beginning to get some independence but still the previous generations notions of marriage and submission were still so ingrained. March's desire to be married and sink into that marriage like an opiate is so carnal to her, it is as if it is some beastly part of herself, ingrained in her DNA. But she is trying so desperately to fight it. It seems she will never be happy; she is a victim of being born in a time of transition. Marriage can make her happy but in a way which destroys her individual self and is that worth it? Just some ideas that are thrown around. The fox is so cool too. And March's desire to find the fox, and her feeling possessed by are real feelings that happen to people. Lawrence describes feelings which we can hardly understand ourselves when they come over us. He is describing what it feels like to BE a certain state of mind, to BE a desire or a thought or action, rather than to just KNOW or THINK this thing. That is why I love him. When he describes that feeling you get when you are just out of yourself and unaware, I remember that feeling myself, for just a second after reading the words on the page, and that recreation I find Lawrence does like nearly no one else... Oct 19, 2013 Cass Sometimes I read a book and give it 3 or 4 stars and then a week or a month later I go back and upgrade it. The book perhaps played on my mind, I mulled and pondered its secrets, and I love books that make me do that. This book is kind of the opposite. I gave it 4-stars and now I kind of want to drop it down. I don't know, maybe a solid 3. 75 stars. I have never read any D. Lawrence and I have always intended to, for some reason I thought he was an Australian author. I like that this book is meant Sometimes I read a book and give it 3 or 4 stars and then a week or a month later I go back and upgrade it. I like that this book is meant to be consumed at different levels, and I read a great commentary that discusses the two women as being conflicting aspects of female roles after the war. Did they have to return to domesticity, did they want to. This is a useless review, sorry about that. I think the book needs more digesting, but I am in a pre-xmas clear-the-dusty-bookshelf rush. You know, finish the unfinished books so that I don't start next year with 20 books to read before I can even start on the books I get as xmas presents... Feb 24, 2011 Emily Banford and March are two women living together on a small farm, trying to make a life from it. Their peaceful existence is interrupted when a young man comes to stay with them and decides to marry March. I'm not sure I really understood this book. I did read it rather quickly, but it was not really a book I cared to dwell over. Both young ladies seemed rather silly and naive to me. The young man seemed both cruel and kind. I suppose he is a metaphor for a fox, itself, but I don't really Banford and March are two women living together on a small farm, trying to make a life from it. I suppose he is a metaphor for a fox, itself, but I don't really understand the allure. I haven't read anything by this author before, and so might just not be used to his devices. I guess I just really didn't get anything out of this... A wonderful novella which I've read in one sitting. Two spinsters living on a farm, Jill is plain and sickly where as Nellie is pretty and strong. All changes when a soldier returns from the war. Passions run high with tragic consequences! I had not read any Lawrence for many years and this novella was new to me. A young soldier on leave at the end of the war in 1918 comes to a poultry farm being managed by two women. Intense feelings are well described as the triangle of characters react to each other. Just finished reading, “The Fox” by D. I found myself highlighting so many passages and thinking, is forgotten how much I enjoyed Lawrence and this little book is no different. Wonderfully taken by how much I liked it and how easily it flowed. The words, the story. A downward slippery slope. A wet, muddy field in which you slip and travel some distance. All too soon and in the best possible time - it was over. What a good read. Oct 21, 2018 Seamusin Didn't get anything from it. There were characters sort of, definitely some metaphor, but meh? Instead of her soul swaying with new life, it seemed to droop, to bleed, as if it were wounded. I came across this gorgeous vintage book at the secondhand bookstore last week and fell in love with the cover! I read this dark and haunting novel on the airplane home. Two women live on a farm together peacefully until a man arrives and worms his way into their lives, causing all sorts of trouble. The end was shocking. So tragic and beautifully written! Mar 31, 2016 Buck liked it I read this in three sittings, spaced far apart, so my feeling for the book seems a little disjointed. In general, I thought it was pretty good, but it's not a favorite. I liked the literary style. With regards to the story: I couldn't quite figure out why Henry was so (view spoiler) dead set on marrying March - it seemed like it was just a whim. And why in the world did March accept his proposal? When March vacillated, I was always rooting for her to break it off with Henry and stay with I read this in three sittings, spaced far apart, so my feeling for the book seems a little disjointed. And why in the world did March accept his proposal? When March vacillated, I was always rooting for her to break it off with Henry and stay with Banford. The end of the book, after the marriage, seemed anticlimactic. Lawrence just rambled on about March's vague feelings; the writing seemed unfocused. I think the book should have ended suddenly, with the shock of Banford's death. The part after that was an epilogue, and an unnecessary one. The relationship between March and Banford was never spelled out, but left to us to infer that they were lovers. In 1923, almost a hundred years ago, Lawrence may not have been able to get the book published if he had been even a little bit more explicit. Two women couldn't live together as a couple. I think even they couldn't accept that that was possible, even though they lived it. March was leaving Banford to marry Henry without thinking that she was rejecting her lover. Women were supposed to marry men. In the epilogue, March even rejected the idea that she and Banford could have grown old together, hide spoiler) but I think it was a rationalization... I picked up _The Fox_ from Vesoul's public library, which has a very limited and truly quirky selection of books in English. This version is an easy-reader version for non-native English speakers complete with vocabulary and illustrations! This now strikes me as bizarre because while technically it is a short story/novella, it is anything BUT simple and straightforward to understand! The story is a sort of romantic triangle between three people- two girls who live together on a farm and have a I picked up _The Fox_ from Vesoul's public library, which has a very limited and truly quirky selection of books in English. This version is an easy-reader version for non-native English speakers complete with vocabulary and illustrations! This now strikes me as bizarre because while technically it is a short story/novella, it is anything BUT simple and straightforward to understand! The story is a sort of romantic triangle between three people- two girls who live together on a farm and have a sort of lesbian partnership- and a young soldier who comes to them after the war. Oh, and of course, there's the figure of the fox. The language is very indirect and the dialogue reminded me of Eddie Izzard's skit about English films, Oh, I, uh" I had better go. Yes, I think you'd better had. All of the real meaning in the story is hidden underneath the dialogue, in the glances and body language between the characters. But boy, is there meaning! The fox imagery is almost shamanic in its mysticism, and there are incredible dreams that made me wish I knew more about Jung. There's queer rhetoric, sexual domination, commentary on gender roles. And it maintains its dark-faiytale simplicity. Would like to study this one further... Occasionally, after finishing a classic book by some dead famous author, I don't know what to think. I usually do a lot of research about it afterward and give it the 'lit class' treatment. I like doing this and it makes me feel smarter. But. I'm starting to question whether I should do this at all. I feel that by doing this I'm being told what to think. And I hate being told what to think! Anyway, I know that has nothing to do with 'The Fox. but I read the book and didn't give it the 'lit Occasionally, after finishing a classic book by some dead famous author, I don't know what to think. And I hate being told what to think! Anyway, I know that has nothing to do with 'The Fox. but I read the book and didn't give it the 'lit class' treatment. Now I don't have much to say. Didn't like the characters or the plot? Not much of a review. I guess it require more thought this way. I may edit this in the future... David Herbert Richards Lawrence was an English writer of the 20th century, whose prolific and diverse output included novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, paintings, translations, literary criticism and personal letters. His collected works represent an extended reflection upon the dehumanizing effects of modernity and industrialisation. In them, Lawrence confronts issues David Herbert Richards Lawrence was an English writer of the 20th century, whose prolific and diverse output included novels, short stories, poems, plays, essays, travel books, paintings, translations, literary criticism and personal letters. In them, Lawrence confronts issues relating to emotional health and vitality, spontaneity, human sexuality and instinct. Lawrence's opinions earned him many enemies and he endured official persecution, censorship, and misrepresentation of his creative work throughout the second half of his life, much of which he spent in a voluntary exile he called his "savage pilgrimage. At the time of his death, his public reputation was that of a pornographer who had wasted his considerable talents. E. M. Forster, in an obituary notice, challenged this widely held view, describing him as "the greatest imaginative novelist of our generation. Later, the influential Cambridge critic F. R. Leavis championed both his artistic integrity and his moral seriousness, placing much of Lawrence's fiction within the canonical "great tradition" of the English novel. He is now generally valued as a visionary thinker and a significant representative of modernism in English literature. Welcome back. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

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The fox free online course. "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say. Single by Ylvis B-side "Instrumental" CD) Released 3 September 2013 Format CD digital download Recorded Roc the Mic Studio New York, New York [1] Genre EDM novelty [2] Length 3: 33 (3:34 Music video) Label Concorde TV Parlophone EMI Norway Songwriter(s) Bård Ylvisåker Vegard Ylvisåker Christian Løchstøer Tor Erik Hermansen Mikkel S. Eriksen Nicholas Boundy Producer(s) Stargate M4SONIC Ylvis singles chronology "Janym ( . 2012) The Fox (What Does the Fox Say. 2013) The Cabin" 2013) Audio sample file help Music video "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say. on YouTube " The Fox (What Does the Fox Say. is an electronic dance novelty song and viral video by Norwegian comedy duo Ylvis. The top trending video of 2013 on YouTube, 3] 4] The Fox" was posted on the video-sharing website on 3 September 2013, and has received over 900 million views as of December 2019. [5] The Fox" peaked at the top of the Norwegian Singles Chart and was hugely successful in the United States, where it peaked at number six on the Billboard Hot 100 for three consecutive weeks, 6] 7] and was, before the U. S. release of " Am I Wrong " by Nico & Vinz, the highest-ranked song by a Norwegian artist on the chart since A-ha 's number-one song " Take On Me " in 1985. Originally an "anti-hit" produced as a part of the duo's new season of Norwegian television talk show I kveld med YLVIS ( Tonight with Ylvis) and uploaded on YouTube as a teaser, 8] The Fox. created to fail. 9] went viral, becoming Ylvis' breakout" song and drawing international attention to the group. In 2013, Ylvis stated there were no plans to release an album including the song or any sequel to it. [10] 11] Production [ edit] The brothers Vegard and Bård Ylvisåker, members of the Norwegian comedy group Ylvis, produced the song and music video "The Fox" to promote their upcoming third season of I kveld med Ylvis on TVNorge. In an interview with Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten, the brothers stated that the idea of a song about a fox was originally conceived in 2012, but then shelved. Half a year later, in 2013, Bård and lyricist Christian Løchstøer began to play with the idea once again. Vegard was initially skeptical about making a song about a fox, but soon relented. [12] In an interview on the Norwegian- Swedish talk show Skavlan, the brothers mentioned that given the opportunity to collaborate with Stargate, they originally wanted to make a dance song about men who cannot dance or dread dancing and named it "The Dancing Stick" but felt that the idea was "too clever" and that they would appear to be trying to make a hit. The idea was therefore scrapped and "The Fox" got produced instead. [13] Bård described the writing process for "The Fox" in an interview with Billboard in the United States: The way we work is we just sit around and talk about things and get ideas and take some notes. I guess we must have been talking about what sound a fox makes. And then we had a chance to work with Stargate, a Norwegian production company based in New York City. We actually did a favor for them and we asked them if they could produce a song for the new season in exchange. 10] Tor Erik Hermansen of Stargate recalled in an interview with Spin that the favor was actually a mockumentary done by the Ylvisåker brothers to celebrate Mikkel Storleer Eriksen 40th birthday, in which they pretended to be the Stargate duo. [14] Australian producer M4SONIC was also involved in the production. [15] Bård, being interviewed by Entertainment Weekly, talked about their intention of making "The Fox" As comedians, it wouldn't be a good thing if we went to pursue a hit in the States because they could potentially make something that became big, so we thought it would be more fun from a comedian perspective to come home to the talk show and say, Listen we had the chance, we could've made it big, but the only idea we got for the song was this old idea about what the fox says so we're sorry. We screwed up. That was the plan. That would've been funny to say on the talk show. [9] M4SONIC described producing "The Fox" I was over in the US with a production duo called Stargate working with Sia and Nadia Ali. One of the beats that I made we kinda put to one side as it wasn't really going anywhere. I'd totally forgotten about the track until I stumbled across The Fox video on YouTube. It turned out that Tor and Mikkel (Stargate) who are Norwegian, are friends with Bård and Vegard Ylvisåker (Ylvis. Stargate gave Ylvis a copy of the beat that we made to use for a video they were doing to launch their comedy show in Norway. I think the whole thing kinda 'snowballed' and was an accident on their side as well. No one really thought it would be a top 10 Billboard track! 16] Music video and composition [ edit] Vegard Ylvisåker (left) in animal costume in the music video The video was released on 3 September 2013. It is performed in the style of a typical electronic dance pop song, and the lyrics are sung "with deadpan seriousness. 17] The video was originally created to promote the brand-new season of Ylvis' talk show I kveld med Ylvis on TVNorge but after being released on the TVNorge YouTube channel went viral. The video was directed by Ole Martin Hafsmo with cinematography by Magnus Flåto. The choreography was done by Thea Bay. The video is produced by Fredrik Kvåle Dørum and Jørgen Thue (Concorde TV. The forest scenes were filmed in Nittedal municipality, 22 kilometres (14 mi) from Oslo downtown. [18] The video begins with Bård singing at a costume party where other participants are dressed as different animals, whose appearances follow the progression of the lyrics. He gives a summary of animal sounds ( Dog goes woof/cat goes meow" etc. that "could have been lifted straight from a preschool primer" and asks "what does the fox say. 19] The group then transitions into a synchronized dance scene in a forest with Bård in a bear costume and Vegard a squirrel costume (as they failed to find any fox costume in the Norwegian Film Institute the day before filming to make up for their melted spray-painted plastic costumes) complete with face-paint and giant, bushy tails. [20] 21] During each chorus, the song offers several increasingly absurd possibilities for the fox's sound such as "gering-ding-ding-ding-dingeringeding. and in the second chorus where Vegard sings "fraka-kaka-kaka-kaka-kow. 15] 22] Among the dancers, an elderly man ( Bernhard Ramstad [23] is shown reading the lyrics from a book to a boy sitting on his lap. The song then describes the fox and the singer's admiration for it, and asks whether it would communicate with a horse using morse code. In the end, the singers float in the air, continuing to wonder what sound the fox makes, while failing to notice a computer-animated fox behind them, which stands on its hind legs and scat sings (voiced by Vegard) answering their question. Bård finishes the song with a melancholy falsetto and the fox leaves without being seen. [24] With the chord progression of C♯m—B—F♯, the song is written in the key of C♯ dorian, with lead vocal range spanning from C♯3 to F♯5. [25] Reception and responses [ edit] I think our lives will forever be defined as before and after the song now. Bård Ylvisåker, in an interview with Toronto Sun Listeners noticed that the song has a similar structure to " Radioactive " by Imagine Dragons and " Polly " by Nirvana [26. In Norway, homeland of Ylvis, The Fox" became the duo's first entry on the VG-lista and eventually topped the chart for four consecutive weeks from 20 September to 17 October 2013. [27] In the U. S. The Fox" debuted on 12 September 2013 on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 29, and at number 3 on the Streaming Songs chart. [28] It later reached the top spot on the Streaming Songs chart for the weeks ending 19 October and 2 November. [29] 30] The song in the following week also broke into the Hot Digital Songs top 10 at number 8 with 108, 000 downloads during the week and debuted on the On-Demand Songs chart, when it sat in the top 10 of Hot 100 for the third week. [7] The song has sold 1, 367, 000 copies in the U. as of June 2014. [31] The music video's viral success and catchiness has also drawn comparison to that of PSY 's " Gangnam Style. 32] 33] It took only 35 days to hit 100 million views, compared to 51 days by "Gangnam Style" to reach the mark. [34] In the annual year-end lists of "Top 10 Everything" compiled by Time magazine, The Fox" was ranked number two on the "Top 10 Viral Videos" of 2013 for being "one of the catchiest songs of the year" only after " Gentleman. PSY's follow-up to "Gangnam Style. 35] Ylvis were surprised by the international success of the song, intending only to target their Norwegian audience. [10] Vegard described the success of the song as "definitely very shocking. 36] while Bård said he was "quite surprised" and that it was "supposed to entertain a few Norwegians for three minutes — and that's all. 15] Three months after the release of "The Fox" he further commented that " their] lives will forever be defined as before and after the song now. 37] The duo were signed on by Warner Music: Vegard has stated that the "record deal was landed way before 'Fox' — in the spring sometime. 11] Live performances [ edit] Ylvis' first live performance of "The Fox" in the United States was on 20 September 2013 at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. [38] They also appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show on 20 September, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon on 9 October and The Today Show on 11 October. [8] 39] 40] After their appearance at the 2013 MTV Europe Music Awards in Amsterdam on 10 November, they gave their first performance in the United Kingdom on the annual fundraising telethon Children in Need on 15 November and later The Paul O'Grady Show on 18 November. [41] 42] 43] On 22 November, joined by K-pop and Western stars including Stevie Wonder, Icona Pop and Paris Hilton, the brothers participated in the biggest music festival in Asia, the Mnet Asian Music Awards ( MAMA" at Hong Kong AsiaWorld-Expo, in which they performed "The Fox" danced in a collaboration with South Korean girl group Crayon Pop to their song " Bar Bar Bar. and accepted the award for "International Favorite Artist. 44] 45] 46] 47] The duo later returned to North America to perform the viral hit in the season finale of Dancing with the Stars on 26 November, 48] 2013 Much Presents: The Big Jingle organized by MuchMusic on 7 December in Toronto, Ontario, Canada [49] and on Live! with Kelly and Michael on 12 December 2013. [50] The song was later performed live during concerts given in 2014-2015 in Norway and Sweden as a part of duo's The Expensive Jacket Tour. Children's book [ edit] The brothers signed a deal with Simon & Schuster to publish a children's book illustrated by Svein Nyhus based on the song which was released on 10 December 2013, called "The Fox. 1] 51] 52] The brothers have stated that the book is not a spin-off because the idea was conceived before the song had become viral. [1] 21] The children's book was an instant success, being the bestselling children's picture book for the week ending 29 December 2013 according to The New York Times Book Review, 53] and coming in twenty-third on USA Today ' s list of best-selling books for the week of 19 December 2013. [54] The book was sold-out in a day on Amazon, 55] and broke the record in children's publishing for selling more than 60, 000 units in-store within one week, pushing for a sixth reprinting with 300, 000 copies in print a week after its initial release. [56] Analysis [ edit] In our show last season, we went to Kyrgyzstan in Central Asia and tried to become pop stars there. The idea was that we'd never become pop stars in the U. or England lots of obstacles. The obstacles generated the comedy. Then suddenly we're on this trip to America, the place people want to go, and there's no obstacles. Every doorway is open. and there's no comedy. Vegard Ylvisåker, when asked about the impact of the popular song on I kveld med Ylvis, mentioning their Big in Kirgisistan miniseries [11] 57] Tris McCall of The Star-Ledger describes "The Fox" as "a parody of the excesses and absurdities of contemporary club music" the brothers "take turns singing preposterous lyrics about animal noises" over "typically vainglorious synthpop. with the proposed fox sounds "mimic[king] the car-alarm synthesizers of contemporary dubstep. He compares it to Ylvis' Someone Like Me" which mocked the insertion of dubstep breaks into pop songs. [19] 58] Danielle Seamon of The Lantern acknowledges that while some may be "extremely perplexed by the attention stupidity and bizarreness collects in 2013" displayed by the song, it is in fact "meant to be a funny and almost satirical to pop music" and Ylvis has "pushed everybody's buttons by breaking and manipulating every rule of a Top 40 pop song. 59] Evan Sawdey of PopMatters, who names "The Fox" one of the best songs of the year, calls it "a concept that's so stupid it's smart" by bending "the very fabric of pop culture in such a memorable, ridiculous way" with simple lines of "utter comic brilliance. 60] Caitlin Carter of online music site Music Times echoes the comments above, adding that "The Fox" becoming the first song to get serious recognition "makes [the staff at Music Times] wonder" as the duo's other songs and videos prior to the release of "The Fox" are just about as random and melodramatic" such as "from contemplating the meaning of Stonehenge. Stonehenge. 61] to scientifically examining the inner-workings of the female reproductive organ ( Work It. 62] to honoring a United Nations Human Rights hero. Jan Egeland. 63] 64] Jonathan Ore of CBC News, although calling "The Fox" a "catchy tune. paired with the most absurd lyrics this side of the theme song to DuckTales. also gives the comedy duo credit for "the arguably better" Stonehenge. 65] Both brothers have commented on the "absurdity" of "The Fox. Bård called the song "a stupid thing" and that "even though people find it interesting, it's still a stupid fox song, and when people start to get over this, it gets even worse, because it is so stupid. 11] In response to the negative feedback of the song, Vegard has made the following remark: I read one YouTube comment which said: What the f. is this? It gives me no belief whatsoever in humanity and the music business. It's a valid point, but a lot of people don't understand that this is comedy first and music second. [66] Speaking of the meaning of the song, Vegard characterizes it as coming from "a genuine wonder of what the fox says, because we didn't know. 38] Although interpreted by some commentators as a reference to the furry fandom, the brothers have stated they did not know about its existence when producing "The Fox. 36] 67] Popular culture [ edit] Like many viral music videos, The Fox" has become an Internet meme and has been extensively covered and adapted by others, with some of the most prominent being a cover by The Ohio University Marching 110 who had previously covered " Gangnam Style " and LMFAO's " Party Rock Anthem. 68] a cover by Tay Zonday of " Chocolate Rain. 69] an acoustic guitar cover of the first verse by Tyler Ward; 70] an adaptation based on the popular video game League of Legends entitled "What Does Teemo Say. 71] and an adaptation by Annoying Orange entitled "The Sock. 72] The video was also featured twice by the Fine Brothers on their popular series Elders React and Teens React, which show reactions of elderly people and teens to YouTube videos, respectively. [73] 74] A video showing actor Morgan Freeman reading the lyrics of "The Fox" aloud when being interviewed by online TV/movies review site Screen Junkies has also garnered media attention and millions of YouTube views. [75] 76] 77] During an interview with 4Music, in response to the many parodies inspired by their song, the Ylvisåker brothers themselves have reviewed some of the more popular ones. [78] The song has also been featured substantially in "YouTube Rewind: What Does 2013 Say. a homage paid by YouTube to the year's top videos. [79] The song has been featured for multiple times on television. It was used in an advertisement for the Fox Network featuring clips of FOX programs and actors singing the song. [80] On 28 October, four contestants on the seventeenth season of Dancing with the Stars performed the song for the "Team Dance" week under the team name "Foxing Awesome" scoring a perfect 30. [81] NBC 's Saturday Night Live cast-member Jay Pharoah and host Kerry Washington appeared in a parody video of the song titled "My Girl" on 2 November 2013, featuring a boyfriend who got caught by his girlfriend for sexting with other girls. [82] 83] The song has also been performed by the Glee cast in the episode " Puppet Master " aired on Thanksgiving Day (28 November 2013. 84] Due to the popularity of the song, TMZ reported on 18 October 2013 that two weeks away from Halloween, the sales of fox costumes had already risen by almost 40% at one costume outlet from last Halloween, according to the data from Spirit Halloween, BuyCostumes and Amazon. [85] The song has also been synchronized with a "singing Halloween house" by the neighborhood in Edwards Landing, Leesburg, Virginia, who every Halloween creates an LED light show with a hit song. [86] This song appears in Just Dance 2015. This song was also parodied by 442oons to celebrate Leicester City 's title win in a song "What do the Foxes Say. on YouTube. Track listing [ edit] Digital download [87] 88] No. Title Length 1. "The Fox" What Does the Fox Say. 3:33 2. "The Fox" Extended mix) 4:37 3. "The Fox. Instrumental) 4:26 4. "The Fox. A cappella) 3:11 Total length: 19:07 CD single [89] No. "The Fox" 3:33 2. "The Fox" Instrumental) 4:25 Total length: 7:58 Charts and certifications [ edit] Release history [ edit] Note: The song was planned to be released on iTunes in the United States on 9 September, 10] but remained unavailable for one week due to allegations of copyright infringement by a third party. [126] It became available on the U. iTunes on 16 September and has peaked at number 5 on the Top Songs chart from 11 to 12 October 2013. [127] 128] See also [ edit] Vocalization of the fox List of animal sounds References [ edit] a b c Thompson, Jessie (12 November 2014. What Does the Fox Say. 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